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About us


1. To create a new awareness for our environment while supplying organic products.
2 providing our customers with the necessary support to enhance their daily vital energy.
3 To Invest in research and development formulations in synergy with nature, without adding harmful chemicals to the environment and to living beings.


Alchemiaway srls is an Italian company which formulates and distributes natural cosmetics products for human and animals keeping low, accessible prices in order to do so Alchemiaway is producing a formulation taking advantage of the countless quality of the plants. The company is currently producing and distributing in Italy as well as abroad a line of products for cats, dogs and horses. This line is called ALCHEMIALAND, a moisturizing cream for horses and pets.The line enriched with Aloe Vera and precious essential organic oils, is produced in Spain to take advantage of the biodiversity of the precious Canary lsland`s Aloe Vera. Recently the company has been working on introducing to the ltalian market a new formulation suitable for human cosmetics enriched with valuable nutrients of plants and essential oils.

Designed by Alchemiaway, after two years of research with the same care attention used to produce creams for human use, AlchemiaLand formulated using essential oils and ingredients carefully selected, is a 100% natural cream, that soothes and nourishes the skin of cats,dogs and horses particularly if the skin is under stress caused by external factors.


“The cream respects as much as possible the natural laws of natural balance. We believe that the animals we love, deserve the same attention and care of the human being. The animals living on symbiosis with nature are very sensitive to the plants healing quality. Alchemiaway has chosen for this particularly reason essentials oils for the products, not only for theyr properties, but also for the perfume and the impact that they have to the sensitive world of the animals”.

The Team

A team of experienced professional who loves and respects nature an animals is at the heart of the group.