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AlchemiaLand for Horses

Alchemialand for horses is the revolutionary 100% natural formulation designed by Alchemiaway to take care of the skin of the horses. lt contains precious pure juice of Aloe Vera from Canary lslands, shea butter and selected essential oils, Ideal to eliminate irritations and dryness because of the charateristic of its formulation. Alchemialand respects equine skin hypersensitivity,while helping to maintain and restore the right PH. The cream protects and moisturises the skin, creating a not greasy patina which helps themaintenance processes and protection of the skin. For this reason it could facilitate the re-growth of hairs in areas subject to specific stress, such as irritations caused by dryness, and at the same time helps the physiological properties of horses skin, thanks to its soothing effect and to its ability to protect and moisturize. It helps the air brightness. Easy to apply and quickly absorbed, non-greasy. It will be enough to apply small quantities twice a day, to get an effective response in a short time.

For veterinary use. No toxic. Keep away from heat.

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